Sanders Beach Rentals Commercial Video | Watercolor

We’ve been sitting on this for a little while and are so happy to finally be able to share this fantastic commercial video project! It’s a wonderful teaser for the gorgeous weather that’s just around the corner here on the Emerald Coast.

If you’ve ever had to plan a family or group vacation then you know it takes time, energy and patience to find the perfect place. You may have even gone somewhere that ended up not being worth the work when all was said and done. We have a solution for you. Continue reading

Facetime Photobooth at Digital Graffiti

It’s the Friday before a three day weekend and we could hardly sit still with excitement. We’ll be shooting a wedding tomorrow and then joining the masses for two full days of R&R. It might sound like a downer for some that we don’t get the three, but it’s a rare thing for us to get two days off in a row during wedding season and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We really do look forward to working with each and every client (because ours are the best on the Emerald Coast) whether they’re a local couple from Destin, FL or coming from afar for a destination wedding somewhere on 30a.

Before we get deep into fall wedding season, we want to show you a video (in celebration of our two day weekend) from Digital Graffiti where we did full photography and videography coverage of the event.

This commercial video is for Facetime PhotoBooth’s litebooth. All of the footage used in the commercial video was shot at Digital Graffiti this year so if you attended you just might see yourself! If you’ve never seen a litebooth before then you’re in for a treat when you watch the video.  It was so fun, quick and easy that there was a line for the litebooth all night long.

We can’t wait until the next event we attend or photograph that has one.

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Santa Rosa Beach Spring Wedding Video | Jordan + Ryan

We couldn’t wait to show you some of our latest wedding videography so today we’re sharing a Santa Rosa Beach Spring wedding video.  From the moment you see the bride you’ll be breathless. Her dress is like nothing we’ve ever seen before on a bride. So detailed and unique. Truly a statement piece beyond the given beautiful white gown you expect every bride to wear. We can’t wait for you to see it and hope you say yes to the dress! She looked stunning.

In addition to great fashion sense Jordan has a heart of gold and the most contagious smile.  We couldn’t get enough of it and had we’d stayed any longer we would’ve  gone home with sore cheeks. Ryan just adores her and it’s very clear they found a crazy love they want to hold on to just like the sign said at their reception.

We could go on and on about Jordan being such a beautiful bride but it’s time we give the groom a little credit. He is one of few we’ve seen get to not only have a groom’s cake but have a groom’s cake that in no way matched the colors or look of the wedding and instead being he colors of a favorite team. Clearly Jordan loves Ryan just as much as he loves her.

They spent their big day surrounded by friends and family sneaking away to the beach with us for some wedding video footage. The reception was picture perfect and  as the day came to an end Jordan and Ryan left to start their new beginning.

Needless to say May 23rd, 2015 was a good day for Santa Rosa Beach and a great start for Jordan and Ryan.

We are always looking to add couples to our Pure7  family. To get more information on our pricing, packages, and availability for your wedding photos and wedding videosay hi and we’ll get back to you quickly.

Wedding Videography Tips|Erin & Aaron

As wedding videos continue to get more popular, it gets harder to feel like yours is different or special. We recognize this dilemma, and want to share a few wedding videography tips to help you find the right person to create your wedding video.  Of course, we’re heavily biased towards our Pure7 Studios wedding videographer, Alan. He’s award-winning and constantly finding ways to give each couple a video that’s just as special as their big day.

Tip #1 – Know your budget.

Like any aspect of a wedding, wedding videos cost money. Some cost a lot of money. If you know you want a wedding video, add it to the budget early. The reason for this? Many couples have to start cutting corners as the final details of their big day come together. Just like the dress or the cake, the cost of a wedding video has a wide range. Know what you’re willing and able to spend and stick to it.

Tip #2 – Don’t Shop Price First.

It sounds like this completely contradicts what we just told you, but hear me out. This is your one and only wedding video. You want the wedding videography to represent you and the vision you’re bringing to your big day. If you shop price first, you’ll lose out on meeting a variety of videographers. By viewing online portfolios first, you can figure out what you connect with (and what you don’t). Maybe, you’re the person that doesn’t feel creative at all-  and you want someone to show up, film, and create a wonderful wedding video. Or maybe, you have very specific moments you want captured. That is why we recommend deciding on what style of video you want first – and then shopping by price.

Tip #3 – Watch More Than Just Wedding Videos.

There’s a lot of wedding videographers out there who shoot more than weddings. Alan (here at Pure7) has filmed commercial videos, fashion shows, art festivals, wedding videos, music festivals, skateboarding videos, and even real estate videos. His passion and abilities push far beyond what one might see in a collection of his wedding videos. Seeing a videographer’s style and ability to create great videos across the board can be eye opening and give you that reassurance you’re going to be happy with the end result. A skilled film-maker knows how to exceed your expectations.

Tip #4 – Start Saving Now.

More often than not… you get what you pay for. Weddings get expensive quickly. There aren’t very many things you can take with you, but a wedding video is one of them. Even with as popular as they are today, people get to the end of their budget and then opt to stick with photography only. While that may not be a mistake for everyone, we hate to hear when a couple wishes they would’ve done a video with their pictures. If you start saving now, odds are better that you’ll get a wedding video and that you’ll be able to work with the videographer you want most.

Along with our tips, we’re excited to share Erin & Aaron’s Sandestin wedding video. It’s a stunning piece that we’re proud to have in our collection and is something  every bride-to-be needs to see. Coordinated by the talented Shelby Peaden of Shelby Peaden Events!

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Saying I Do to a Wedding Video| Kelly & Brian

We know weddings are expensive so understand the struggle is real when couples are trying to decide whether or not to save or splurge on a wedding video. Every detail in a wedding quickly turns into dollar signs and it’s easy to lose sight of the things that matter most. For that reason, we want to help our awesome #pure7couples decide whether or not a wedding video is right for them by sharing some of the reasons we’re saying I Do to a wedding video. 

Say I Do to going back in time.  The ceremony is often a blur for the bride and groom and without a video, they don’t get to see everything that happens. Anything they did experience was probably quickly forgotten as they pushed through the overwhelming emotions and celebration.  It’s also priceless to have a way to go back in time, listen to the vows and see the expressions on your faces and on the faces of those who love you and came to celebrate with you.

Say I Do to see what you missed.   Photos won’t have the music that was playing or the laughter during a toast, the well thought out words in a vow, or the sizzle of the sparklers everyone is holding in celebration as you make your official exit. So many missed moments can be found in a video. Kelly and Brian’s Rosemary Beach wedding video below is the perfect example of this. Much of the sound comes from moments they likely forgot or never heard in the first place. Now they have those memories forever.

Say I Do for the people who couldn’t make it. Without fail, there will be somebody important to you that couldn’t make it, including future family members who may not even be born yet. A video gives you the opportunity to share your wedding with them anytime, anywhere.

Say I Do to living without regret. We can happily say we’ve never had a client or a couple regret choosing to have a wedding video made. Even those who were on the fence about it at first came around wholeheartedly as they watched the highlights of their wedding day in motion picture. We would hate for anyone to look back on their wedding day wishing with regret.

If you’re still unsure, watching Kelly and Ryan’s wedding video below (as well as any other of our wedding videos) may help you decide. Coordination by Angela Stone, of Todd Events.

Coalesce Session on Alys Beach |The Lam Family

Last summer Ryan and Alan went out to shoot a Coalesce Session with the Lam family during their vacation in Alys Beach.  This lively family of four was the sweetest treat to work with while our boys shot photos and video footage to create treasured heirlooms the Lam’s could cherish. If you’re not familiar with our Coalesce Session, that’s okay. It’s one of our favorite sessions, so we’re happy to talk about it pretty much anytime.

The biggest difference between our Coalesce Session and Portrait Session is the addition of our videographer.  With the Coalesce Session, the Lam’s received their pure7 family photos to “ooo and ahh” over for years to come. But they also received personal video footage edited into a 5-7 minute Cinematic Family Film.

Let us explain just how that works. In the Lam’s case, Ryan worked with them to get a family photo collection with both posed and candid shots. Throughout the session the family’s personalities came out which helps guide and inspire the photography session. Alongside Ryan,  Alan shot video getting all of the motion and sound of the day, which compliments the still photographs. He even interviewed the family members. Through those interviews you get an idea of everyone’s individuality and why they make such a great family. Since no two families are alike, no two family videos are alike either.

Please click play on the below video to enjoy their Family Film. When you’re finished, scroll down to view their Alys Beach family portraits.

Hopefully, you’ll see how well our family portrait photography and video compliment one another (and understand why we love shooting Coalesce Sessions so much).

Thanks again to the Lam family for a great time. Please don’t forget to pack us when you go to Paris!

pure7studios_destinphotographer_2882 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2883 Coalesce Session on Alys Beach |The Lam Family Coalesce Session on Alys Beach |The Lam Family pure7studios_destinphotographer_2894 Coalesce Session on Alys Beach |The Lam Family pure7studios_destinphotographer_2896 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2897 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2898 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2899 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2886 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2885 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2888 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2890 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2887 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2892 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2889 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2891
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South Walton Fashion Week Video | 2013 Commercial Video

South Walton Fashion Week Video 2013

Rainy days like today are always forcing us to find out what types of activities Destin and 30A have to offer indoors. I don’t remember how I ended up on the South Walton Fashion Week (SWFW) website on my quest to indoor activities but nonetheless one click leads to another and another. Then all of a sudden you’re a million pages deep and so far from where you started. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one this happens to!

Anyway, looking at this year’s SWFW reminded me of the South Walton Fashion Week Video Alan shot and edited back in 2013.  The best part about this video? You don’t have to love fashion – or even like it – to enjoy the video he made.

Sure, you’ll see everything one would expect to be at fashion week. Models getting their hair and make up done, people sitting in chairs around a catwalk and even people enjoying well crafted cocktails. More than that, you see how artistic and creative Alan is when filming and editing.

As you watch, there are so many instances you might think, how did he get that on camera? At first one might say it’s just luck. In reality, Alan has a vision of the final commercial event video in mind from the beginning to make sure he captures all the right moments. Observing the tone and energy of the event he has to plan to catch someone’s wrist with a VIP band on it or match the timing perfectly to get someone holding their phone up recording a clip of the fashion shows. Those details don’t accidentally make it into the footage, they are put there intentionally.

We’ve named two of the details Alan shot and then carefully edited into the South Walton Fashion Week Video. Can you find any others? Tell us in a comment below!

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Aerial Real Estate Video | Destin, Florida

As a society we often want what we don’t have and when we get it, we want something else. When it’s cold and dark outside we long for warm sunny days. Then, as the sun beats down on us with heavy humidity, those perfect fall days can’t come soon enough. Now that it’s almost April, winter is officially on its way out and we couldn’t be more excited for Spring.  Perhaps we’re actually excited for what we do have around this time, because along the Emerald Coast we have a fifth season – Spring Break.

Currently we’re about half way through spring break season as all of the schools from elementary to university are taking their week away. In Destin, Miramar Beach, and all down 30A this means things are starting to liven up. Families, friends and couples are making their way to the area to enjoy the sugar white sandy beaches.  It also means condos, beach houses and hotels are starting to fill up. Some people experiencing Destin for the first time, while others are here reliving a lifetime tradition.

In honor of Spring Break, which kicks off the busy season for our Beach Weddings, Family Beach Portraits, and Engagement Sessions, we’ve decided to share one of our videographer’s aerial and interior real estate videos showcasing the beautiful beach house at 3598 Waverly Circle (situated on the idyllic Holiday Isle here in Destin, FL). This film was used by the realtor and home owner as a tool to showcase (and sell) this beautiful property.

As you’ll see in Alan’s beautifully shot aerial video and interior real estate film, Waverly Place is the perfect blend of beach and home. Situated on a small lake but still only minutes from the beaches and emerald green waters of Gulf of Mexico, you get the best of both worlds.

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Michael + Jordan | Rosemary Beach Wedding Video

If you’ve ever been in a wedding then you know it takes a lot of work to make the “big day” a perfect day. It’s common to hire a wedding planner (and this couple had the ever-so-talented Savoir Faire Weddings), but the bride and groom still have to pick the date and find a venue fitting for their vision. Of course, after all that gets decided the real planning begins!

The wedding party has to be finalized and colors picked.  Then there’s the guest list, wedding photographer, flowers, food, dancing, drinks, decorations and most importantly the wedding videographer! Wait. that’s not right … the dress! The dress is most important. (I guess with Michael and Jordan’s wedding video on the brain, we got a little excited.)

By now you probably get the idea … there’s a lot of details that go into the ceremony and celebrating of a couple when they decide to get married.  Michael and Jordan’s Rosemary Beach wedding was no exception. How do I know? I’ve seen their wedding video!

Our wedding videographer, Alan, recreated their perfect day down to every last detail. His unparalleled ability to shoot and edit left them with a lasting keepsake. The wedding video preserves details that might otherwise be lost over the years as their love story is passed on for generations. He also enjoyed working along Dede & Ginny of Dede Edwards Photography, who were there to photograph this beautiful wedding ceremony & reception. For a full list of the wonderful wedding vendors that came together to give this couple the destination wedding of their dreams, please contact their planner, Stephanie Tate.

Watch Michael and Jordan’s Wedding Video and see how seamlessly the details of their perfect day are celebrated and forever kept safe.

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Courtney & Brandon | WEDDING VIDEO

Every time Alan is hired to create wedding videos we get excited.  Something about preserving the day in motion really compliments the beach wedding photos traditionally taken at destination weddings. In wedding videography not only do you get to see the day unfold as everybody does their part to make it perfect, you get to live it. The wedding video Alan made for Courtney and Brandon’s Carillon Beach wedding in Panama City is a perfect example!  Their wedding had so many beautiful elements to it and he captured all of them. You get to watch as Brandon’s face lights up when he sees Courtney for the first time in her dress.  You catch every subtle expression of love the couple shares be it the quick squeeze of holding hands or a stolen kiss between poses.

From everybody getting ready or using vintage family wedding photography as decorations, to the beautiful beach ceremony followed by dancing and celebration –  as you watch you just feel like you were there.  The love Courtney and Brandon have surrounding them by family and friends is so apparent and Alan was able to preserve it all.

Click the play button to experience Courtney and Brandon’s wedding video for yourself.

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